EST. 1994


FC Ireland was founded in 1994, after watching the US Men's team play Brazil in the World Cup. Originally started as the Leprechauns and some former teammates from Cosumnes River College for the Off the Wall indoor open league during the summer of that year. Our first major success was a second place finish to the Sacramento Knights (full team) in that year’s Open Christmas tourney. Founder and Manager David McCreary maintains it’s competitive edge through teamwork, fair play and a life long passion for the game. Now in its 18th season and having competed in all levels of amateur indoor and outdoor soccer from local city leagues to the Central California Soccer League. The Club plays and practices weekly in a continuing quest to strive for the best local soccer possible.

Dave McCreary


Overall record SASL (5 seasons):
44 wins / 16 draws / 26 losses


5 wins / 2 draws / 2 losses

10 wins / 2 draws / 7 losses
Runners Up 2012

Overall record CCSL (4 years):
49 wins / 26 draws / 30 losses

Overall record with FASL (2 years):
4 City championships

 Overall record in all indoor arenas since '94:
100+ championships and counting

FC Ireland SASL Gold Cup

40+ 3rd place
2 Open Gold Cup Wins
4 Open Gold Cup Runner Up
1 Open Silver Cup Win
1 Over 30s Silver Cup Runner Up

Dave McCreary SASL Gold Cup

40+ 3rd place
2 Open Gold Cup Wins
3 Open Gold Cup Runner Up
1 Over 30s Gold Cup Win
1 Over 30s Silver Cup Runner Up
2 Over 35s Gold Cup Wins
1 Over 40s Silver Cup Win

Currently player/coach in 16
Gold Cups tourneys.


The FCI crest is taken from the Republic of Ireland with the addition of a champions league soccer ball. The 2 Gold stars represent the 2 Sacramento Gold Cup victories and the Silver star for winning the Silver Cup in the same tourney.

Manager FCI 1st team

Manager FCI Senior Team

Coach FCI Mens' Open Gold Cup

Player Mens O35  outdoor FASL

Player Mens O40 2nd outdoor SASL